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Picture of Melvin Jones Repol

Melvin Jones Repol

I am a self taught Software Engineer with experience in Web Development, SEO, Data Analyst and Computer Troubleshooting. Went to South East Asia Institute of Trade and Technology, Studies BSIT (Bachelor of Science in Information Technology) MAJOR IN COMPUTER PROGRAMMING at Bestlink College of the Philippines. Learned from mistakes and seeking new knowledge. I'm into Research and Development doing what have i never done before.


  • Expertise in a variety of programming languages
  • Learning concepts and putting them to use in various situations
  • Capacity to solve problems
  • Communication skills
  • Self motivation
  • Intellectual curiosity

Notable Projects

Webvium wakatime

A Project that aims to be the lightest, fastest, secured, private and full-featured android web browser. Programmed and design from Scratch.
Java, XML, Groovy, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JSON, SQLite, YML, Proguard, LeakCanary, Github and Vercel.




npx webvium Github Released

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Melvin Jones Repol
My Portfolio wakatime

Me, I and Myself
JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Material Icons, Github, Google Analytics, Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, Google Optimize, Google Data Studio, Yandex Webmaster, Bing Webmaster, Bing IndexNow, Pinterest, RSS and Simple Analytics.

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npx mrepol742 Source Code

Melvin Jones Repol
Webvium Search

A Search Engine from Webvium Project that's currently under development progress. The default homepage for the Webvium Browser with style.


Webvium VPN wakatime

Inspired from Webvium, Webvium VPN is a lightweight android VPN app focuses in speed, simplicity, security and privacy.
Java and XML.


npx webviumvpn Github Released

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Download Webvium VPN, Discover and Share

Webvium Available on Amazon
Melvin Jones Repol Github

I joined Github on March 18th, 2020, my first repo and commit was Hello_World. Since the day i start programming i uploaded my other project aside from Webvium into my Github Repository. Thought not up to date for years now.

The Project Webvium is well maintained and up to date.
Aside from The Project Webvium i also did Hello World, Lyrics App, TTS/STT, Flashlight, Camera and other app.

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Restaurant System

This is a project for 1st year 1st sem on Computer Programming written in C Programming Language.



This is a project for 1st year 2nd sem on Computer Programming written in C++ Programming Language.



My interactive web based terminal made ^ JS



Beslink College of the Philippines
Bestlink College of the Philippines

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology


South East Asia Institute of Trading and Technology
South East Asia Institute of Trade and Technology

Information Communication Technology


Work Experience

Melvin Jones Repol Card

Software Developer & Web Developer


South East Asia Institute of Trading and Technology
South East Asia Institute of Trade and Technology

On the Job Training (OJT)

60 Hours


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Canva is an Australian graphic design platform, used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and other visual content.


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Simple Analytics

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Maryvil Alexa Guno

Maryvil Alexa Guno

I am currently working on The Project Webvium. It's a project that drive us to new world of programming and development. The Project Webvium has browser and a VPN android app it supports android 5.0 above for more informaton visit and

I'm a self taught programmer i start on 2018 in native android development using java. My very first project was a web browser WebView which is now Webvium. The development was pretty rough since i rely mostly on my phone and i don't have internet most of the time.

Back in the days where i coded Webvium using mobile phone the amount of things i can do is very limited. The app has simple UI and basic common browser features. But now a lot has changes the Research and Development took me into what is Webvium now.

Yes it will soon come to Google Play Store. I have plans for it and hopefully will continue as of now Webvium can be downloaded in Amazon App Store, Samsung Galaxy Store, Uptodown and Getjar.

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